GASP LIGHT NYE 2017 - Devil Devil Dance

Gooniyandi Dancers & Pakana Kanaplila Dancers
Curator: Jonathan Kimberley | Lighting: Jason James

The contemporary revival of two extraordinary Devil Devil Dance performances.

Joowarri Joonba (Devil Devil Dance)
Gooniyandi Dancers, Fitzroy Crossing, WA.
The Tasmanian premiere of Joowarri Joonba, a dance revived in 2012 by the Gooniyandi people from Fitzroy Crossing, WA. A mesmerizing performance - beguiling in its ability to hold and audience on a unique spatial plateu, somehow emitting a light source of its own.

Riyawina Warruwa Kanaplila (Devil Devil Dance)
Pakana Kanaplila Dancers, TAS.
The premiere contemporary performance of this significant Tasmanian Aboriginal dance story... not performed since 1847 at Wybalenna on Flinders Island.

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